Christina Stephan: Une développeuse allemande dans la ville de Paris

La semaine dernière, on célébrait la journée des droits de la femme, aujourd’hui on met à l’honneur Christina (yeah \o/) ! Elle nous parle de son expérience de web développeuse chez Kaam and Roffler en tant que #girlInTech d’origine Allemande ! Sehr gut !

Hello tout le monde !

Je me présente, je m’appelle Noémie et je suis l’assistante de direction de l’agence Kaam and Roffler. J’accompagne notre président Gabriel dans la gestion quotidienne de l’agence. Aujourd’hui, on a pensé qu’écrire un nouvel article à propos d’un membre de notre team serait sympa ; chanceux que vous êtes, aujourd’hui je vais vous parler de Christina.

Vous allez vous demander “Mais qui est Christina?”, “Pourquoi un article sur cette fille?”.

Christina est une très talentueuse web développeuse d’origine allemande qui travaille chez nous. Elle a rejoint l’agence le mois de septembre dernier et a travaillé sur de nombreux projets de développement web front (notamment pour les comptes Maje, Marvellous Island Festival …).

Cet article a pour but de partager son expérience en tant que développeuse étrangère au sein de notre agence et de partager son feedback après ses premiers mois à travailler sur Paris, avec de nouveaux clients français. Ready? Ok, here we go!

Say hi to Christina!

Christina is a web developer and I wanted to interview her in order to know how she feels in Kaam and Roffler agency but also to learn more about her.

Hello Christina, how are you today ?
I’m fine thank you Noémie.

So today I want to do an interview with you, about you. So, can you introduce yourself to our readers ? To start you can introduce yourself and tell us what do you do in life.
I’m Christina, I’m German and I live next to Düsseldorf. I’m 22 years old. Today I’m in the 4th year of a web school. In Germany it works with semesters. So I’m in my 7th semester. I study corporate design, animation, editorial design…

Ok, I was asking myself, how did you know Kaam and Roffler ? Because it’s a little agency and how did you find it ?
Oh ! I found Kaam and Roffler on Indeed. In fact I wanted an internship in France because I have a friend who wanted to do an internship in France. So I said to myself “Oh why not doing an internship in France? I love France” (laughing).
I wanted to improve my french. So, I sent lot of applications and Kaam and Roffler was the first agency who answer me.

Oh ! It was a great decision ! So, work in France was a choice for you ?
Oh yes ! It’s my choice ! I love this country and I do not regret having come to do my internship here !

Can you tell me about differences between working in France and working in Germany ?
Mh … (she’s thinking) I don’t see many differences between these two countries. Maybe holidays? In fact in France there are more constraints than in Germany. I have an example, in Germany nobody works during all public holidays while in France people can work during the public holidays.

Oh I see, it’s still a little bit different. Was it difficult for you to adapt ?
I think it was easy for me, because I speak good english and everybody speaks english. So I think it’s not difficult for someone from another country to integrate France if you speak English. And I think my french is getting better. (laughing)

And tell me, would you like to work in another country, and if it’s the case why ?
Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe the United Kingdom but I don’t know. I prefere France, it’s really my favorite country in Europe. I don’t want to go far like USA or Australia. No I prefer to stay in Europe.

If you had the chance to do it again, would you ?
Oh yes ! I like my internship and I’m so proud of me ! It was a good decision.

And tell me, how this experience changed you ?
This experience changed me. In fact I’m more independent than before. People who worked with me, helped me when I met difficulties.

How do you imagine your life in ten years ?
I think I will live in Bretagne because I love this area ! And I would like to work in the world of design like to create animation website.

So, thank you Christina for this interview, I hope that you will succeed in your projects. And I’m happy that I met you during my internship.

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